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I was addicted to gel nails for about three years, always getting muted colours or french tips. I finally made the decision to take them off.

I thought it would be a part time thing, but I’ve loved having natural nails! I am a little bit more adventurous with them now that I don’t have to commit to a colour for four weeks straight.

Here are some of my favourite Spring/Summer nails:

  • Essie Mint Candy Apple (a beautiful mint-blue color)
  • Essie Sequin Stash (natural looking sheen with a little shimmer)
  • Essie Meet Me at Sunset (orange-red)
  • Essie Sunset Sneaks (hot pink)
  • Essie Cabana Boy (whitish-grey with shimmer)
  • Essie Chillato (extremely muted lime-yellow)
  • Essie Pret-a-Surfer (a purpler-based blue)
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 230 All Chalked Up (lavender)
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 380 Malibu Peach (coral)
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 360 Tidal Wave (electric blue)
  • Sally Hansen Hard as Nails 240 Babe Blue (baby blue)

What are some of your favourite Spring and Summer nail colours?

Thanks for reading xx,

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10 thoughts on “SPRING | NAILS

  1. Kacie says:

    I like “play date” and “borrowed and blue”
    I love to keep it light on my hands and more bold on my toes “Cajun Shrimp” by OPI is my favorite for toes 😘

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