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Sephora VIB Must-Haves

Hi lovely ladies,

It is FINALLY that time of year again, where I can rack up my Sephora shopping cart and spoil myself with all of the purchases that I refused to buy over the past six months. I thought I would share what I have ready to go so far:

What is in your shopping cart for this VIB Sale? I’m always looking to add more.

Happy Humpday,

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As I’m sure you all know, GLAMGLOW is expensive. I have tried a couple of products from the company and would like to share my experience with them.


FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment: I was lusting over this product for months. I love having glowing skin (who doesn’t?) and I struggle with little red scars from my bout of middle school acne years ago. I finally got my hands on it. At first, it’s a beautiful exfoliator and then you leave it on as a mask. Honestly, it didn’t wow me unfortunately. I had high hopes for this mask, and while it was good, I don’t feel it was worth the $80 price tag.


THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment: I just have this mask in a little travel size so I can apply it on my dry spots throughout the winter. I love this mask. It’s thick and it smells like a beach vacation. I keep in on overnight and my skin is smooth and the flakes are gone come morning.


YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliating Treatment: This mask was good! It was certainly tingly, which made for a fun spa treatment feel. I would wear this in the bath. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on how it worked for anti-aging.


SUPER CLEANSE Daily Clearing Cleanser: This cleanser is so good! It’s expensive, but it lasts me a long time. Unfortunately, it’s black and makes a mess of my sink. However, after I’ve had a long week and my pores feel clogged, I’ll apply this to dry skin, let it sit for five minutes and then give my skin a good wash. I can feel my pores clearing by the minute. Good news, it doesn’t dry out my already dehydrated skin.


I’m always in the market for a good mask. What are your mask and skincare favourites? xx

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 2.36.38 PM

**pictures from Sephora**